The Desert Lorax Would Like to Welcome You to the 18th Annual Hanford Howl!

Let the Lorax Howl

October 28-29, 2017

Come join us for the effervescent, adolescent, antidepressant, incandescent, east side, Ultimate pride, tie-dyed magic ride!


The Hanford Howl is a mixed Halloween Ultimate tournament hosted by the Desert Lorax in Richland, WA as a fundraiser for Special Olympics.

The mission of the Hanford Howl is to promote charity, community building, and spirited competition through the sport of Ultimate while dressed in creative team-themed costumes with related shenanigans.

All proceeds are donated to Special Olympics of Washington and Three Rivers Ultimate (our Tri-Cities youth Ultimate program).

Special Olympics Logo

Spirit Winners


Spirit Winners

2016 Spirit Winners: What Dump?
Runners up: Cocktail Party, Champagne Campaign

The bar is high, people, and team costumes are mandatory!

2016 Costume Winners: Natural Twenties: The Orcs' Feast
Runners up: Rocky Hanford Picture Show, Robin Hood Men in Tutus, PLUPS (Aladdin)

The party will once again be at the Red Lion, bigger and better than ever. At the fields we’ll have an athletic trainer, all the usual field food, and Panda Express dinner on Saturday (with vegetarian and gluten-free options).


Host A Keg!

We want you to have more beer at the party.

However, we also want to keep costs down, and our donation high.

We are going to experiment with a new strategy for beer service at the party this year.  Instead of the kegs being free until they run out (which is usually fast), we are going to be instituting a $2 per beverage policy.  Hopefully this allows the hotel to continue serving us later into the evening.  We will be selling tokens for $2 and these will be redeemable for a drink.  These tokens will be for sale all day at frisbee central, and all night at the hotel.  We will still be giving each team an allotment of tokens (free drinks), which can be used at any time during the night.  FOR SPONSORING A KEG, WE WILL GIVE YOUR TEAM EXTRA DRINK TOKENS.  For a fully sponsored keg, we will give the team 60 more drink tokens, this comes out to $5 a drink, which is what you would normally pay at a bar, so why not sponsor a keg and donate money to Special Olympics Washington and get beer for your friends?

Kegs are $300 each, and partial kegs get you a portion of the 60 extra drink tokens. You get to pick your favorite home town beer (we should be able to get almost anything), and you will get full acknowledgement at the party and in the captain’s packet for your generosity.

Many thanks to last year’s keg sponsors:

2016 Keg Sponsors:
Bass Throw Shop / Tacoma Tacos
Belly Magic - The Care Bear Experience! / Flaming Chickens
Robin Hood Men in Tutus / Choco Ghost House
Woody's Roundup, Ru-fi-oooooooh! / Toolbox
Natural Twenties: The Orcs' Feast
Kiss My Anthia / Homegrown
What Dump? / Smokestack

If your team is doing well financially, please contribute so others can enjoy free beer. Check the option on the registration form, and we’ll be in touch for the details.


The Howl Is Coming.


Are You Ready?

Hanford Howl Timeline

Complete bids, including e-mail, due Friday, Sept. 8, 2017
Bid and waitlist notification, Friday, Sept. 15
Bid fee of $450 due Saturday, Sept. 30

Filling out the form below starts your bid process.

For your bid to be considered, please send an e-mail by Friday, September 8 to describing your team’s idea for team-themed costumes and any related spirit games and/or shenanigans you have planned (Parade of Nations performance, extra party costumes, etc.). We typically have more interest than field space, so these essays are how we decide who to invite.

We’re looking for two to three paragraphs. This does not lock you into this idea. We assume that if you change your mind, it will be because the new plan is even more awesome than this plan. Please just keep us informed of theme and name changes.

There will be 36 teams total. A minimum of 12 bids will be given to teams east of the Cascades. We will also consider past Howl behavior and spirit scores when awarding bids. Bid decisions and the wait list will be announced on Friday, September 15. Full payment of the $450 tournament fee will be due (received in Richland) on Saturday, September 30. Unpaid bids will then be offered to the wait list.

Checks should be made out to "Desert Lorax" and sent to:

Desert Lorax
1162 Hills West Way
Richland, WA 99352

Or send your $450 via PayPal to If you have a PayPal account, please log in and use the Friends and Family option to save us the fees. We definitely consider you a friend. If you don't have an account, you can click the button below and pay with a credit card. Please note the team for which you are paying.

Richland Red Lion — We have the whole hotel reserved Friday and Saturday Nights.

Two queen beds: $96
One king bed: $86

To book a room:


1) Call 1-800-RED-LION (733-5466)

2) Ask to make a reservation at the Richland Red Lion

3) Tell the agent you are with the Hanford Howl Tournament staying the nights of Oct 27-28

4) Complete Reservation with agent



The Fields

Hanford High School is located in Richland, WA near the intersection of George Washington Way and Sprout Road. Drive north on George Washington Way until you see Hanford High School. At the north end of the school turn right on Sprout Road. Take the next right into the school and park in the lot. You'll see the Frisbee Central tents.

The Hotel

The Richland Red Lion is located at 802 George Washington Way in Richland, 3.6 miles south of Hanford High School.

Got Questions? Contact the Tournament Director at